University of South Florida

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

2 Tampa General Circle, 6th Floor

(813) 259-0828



Medical School:

2002 – 2006                  University of Miami School of Medicine

                                    Miami, Florida

                                    Doctor of Medicine



1997 – 2001                  University of Miami

                                    Miami, FL

                                    Bachelor of Science, Psychobiology major, Chemistry and Religious Studies minors




2012 – 2015                  Maternal-Fetal Medicine

                                    Columbia University,New York, NY


2015                             Fetal Echocardiography Training

                                    Dr. Alfred Abuhamad and Dr. Elena Sinkovskaya

                                    Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA


2010 – 2012                  Teratology/ Reproductive toxicology

                                     REPROTOX®, Washington, DC


2006 – 2010                  Obstetrics and Gynecology

                                     George Washington University, Washington, DC



2015 – Current             Assistant Professor

                                     Medical Director, USF Teratogen Information Service

                                     Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

                                     Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

                                     University of South Florida, Tampa, FL


2015 – Current            Physician

                                    Fetal Care Center of Tampa Bay

                                    Tampa General Hospital,Tampa, FL


2010 – 2012                  Assistant Professor, Medical Faculty Associates

                                    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

                                    George Washington University, Washington, D.C.



2019                             President Elect

                                    Presidency 2020

                                    Board of Directors

                                    Organization of Teratogen Information Specialists


2018 – Current             Director

                                     2019 Human Teratogens Course

                                    CAMLS/ University of South Florida

                                    Tampa, FL


2018 – Current             Medical Director

USF Teratogen Information Service

                                    MotherToBaby FL


2018 – Current             NAFTNet- North American Fetal Therapy Network

                                    Secondary PI for University of South Florida


2018 – Current             Elected Scientific Forum Leader

Ultrasound Scientific Forum

                                    Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine


2018 – Current             Associate Editor

Wiley Births Defects Research Journal


2017 – Current             Faculty Council Member

                                    University of South Florida


2016 – 2019                  Co-Director, Resident Ultrasound Rotation USF


2015 – 2017                  Council (Board of Directors)

                                    Teratology Society


2015 – 2017                  Board of Directors

                                    Organization of Teratogen Information Specialists


2009 – 2010                  Administrative Chief Resident

                                    George Washington University

                                    Washington, DC


2004 – 2005                  Professional Liaison

                                    UMSM Department of Community Service


2003 – 2004                  Student Director

“Project Medishare,” Primary and Gynecological Care







4/15/2016                     Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee (NDAC) Meeting

Food and Drug Administration


2010 – 2012                  Scientific writer


Arlington, VA


2001 – 2002                  Assistant for Daniel Man, M.D.



1996 – 2002                  Post-Op Care Specialist

Daniel Man M.D.





2019                             Attendance awarded by USF Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: AAMC Leadership Course, Washington, DC

2015                             F. Clark Fraser New Investigator Award, Teratology Society

2013                             Chu C, Obican S. Scottish Obstetrics & Gynaecology Case History Prize for Medical Students (Mentor role)

2010 – Current             Kane King Dodek Obstetrical Honor Society

2010                             Allan B Weingold Award for Administrative Leadership and Teaching

George Washington University

2008                             Baldrige Award George Washington University Hospital

George Washington University

2008                             Outstanding Second Year Resident Award

George Washington University

2008                             Golden Apple Teaching Award

George Washington University

2001 – 2002                  Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society (Pre-Medical Studies) - Vice President

2001                             Beta Beta Beta Honor Society (Biological Sciences)

2001                             Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society (Religious Studies)

2000                             College Gold Circle Award for Journalism





University Teaching:

2016 – Current             Resident Ultrasound Rotation

                                    Ob/Gyn Residency

USF Morsani College of Medicine


2015 – Current             Fetal Echocardiography Module (Ongoing Monthly)

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship

USF Morsani College of Medicine


2016                             Gastroschisis

                                    Ob/Gyn Residency

                                    USF Morsani College of Medicine


2016                             Malignancy in Pregnancy

Gynecology Oncology

Moffitt Cancer Center


2016                             First Trimester Anatomy Ultrasound

Quarterly Ultrasound Meeting

USF Morsani College of Medicine


2016                             Cholestasis and PR interval

                                    Quarterly Research Meeting

USF Morsani College of Medicine


2013 – 2015                  Teratology Overview

Medical Student Education

Columbia University


2011 – 2012                  “Contraception for the non Ob/Gyn practitioner”

                                    Elective course (4th year medical school)

                                    George Washington School of Medicine


2011 – 2012                  “Contraception course” and “Perineal Repair course”

Practice of Medicine (POM)

George Washington School of Medicine


2010 – 2012                  Preconception Counseling and Prenatal care

Medical School Education

George Washington School of Medicine




2018                             Lindsey Victoria           Genetic Counseling Student Thesis Committee

2016                             Anjalika Ghandi           Quality improvement project: Intrauterine Fetal Demise

                                    Jeannette Green                        Quality improvement project: Placenta accreta

2013                             Cristina Chu                 Project on Management of placenta accreta

2014                             Alyson Small                Project on First trimester cardiac axis as a marker

for congenital heart disease

Columbia University

Danielle Heller              Project on pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy Columbia University






6/2017                          Instructor/ Professor

American Austrian Foundation (AAF)

Open Medical Institute

                                    Week long course, Maternal Fetal and Neonatal Medicine (4 lectures)

                                    Salzburg, Austria


5/2016                          Instructor/ Professor

ISUOG Sponsored International Ultrasound Conference (3 lectures)

Moscow, Russia



6/2019                          Speaker

“Interpretation of Data and How Much Weight Is Placed on the Label, Nonclinical and Clinical Information”

                                    Integration of Human and Animal Data to Inform Medication Use in Pregnant Women: From Drug Labeling to Clinical Trials Symposium

                                    Teratology Society and OTIS 2019 Annual Meeting

                                    San Diego, CA


2/2019                          Forum Leader and Speaker

Chest “Masses:” The Common and the Uncommon

                                    Ultrasound Scientific Forum

Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Meeting

Las Vegas, NV


2/2019                          Speaker

“Cerclage in Twins”

SMFM OB Complications Debates Course

Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Meeting

Las Vegas, NV


4/2018                          “Third Trimester Uterine Artery Dopplers Indices and Predictors of Preeclampsia” (Original work)

                                    American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)

                                    New York, NY


4/2018                          Speaker

Management options for a short cervix in twins and higher order multiples

                                    American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)

                                    New York, NY


2/2018                          Speaker

First trimester neuroanatomy

                                    Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Meeting

Dallas, TX


1/2018                          Speaker

Opioid Webinar (955 participants)

Origination of Teratogen Information Specialists (OTIS)/Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM)


4/2017                          Teratology Society

Strategic Planning Meeting

                                    Washington, DC


4/2017                          Speaker

“Human Teratogens: Environmental Factors Which Cause Birth Defects”

                                    Harvard University Course, course director Lew Holmes, MD


1/2017                          Speaker

“Overview of Skeletal Dysplasias”

Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine (SMFM) Meeting

Las Vegas, NV


6/2016                          Co- Director and Speaker

1. “Embryology and Physiology of the Perinatal Period”

2. “Advances in Placenta Research Symposium” (Co-Director)

                                    3. Mentorship lecture: “From Mentee to Mentor”

Teratology Society Meeting

San Antonio, TX


4/2016                          “Fetal Echocardiography”

                                    Grand Rounds

George Washington University


3/2016                          Speaker

“Short cervix and intra-amniotic infection”

                                    American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)


6/2015                          Clark F. Frasier New Investigator Award Recipient Presentation of Research


2/2015                           “Perinatal Exposure to Medications and Child Outcomes: What Do Patients Want to Know? Pregnancy and lactation in women with autoimmune diseases: Sharing knowledge across disciplines”

University of California San Diego


10/2013                        Speaker

“Clinical cases in reproductive environmental health”

Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health and Environment


6/2013                          Speaker

1. “Maternal and Neonatal Thyroid Screening in Pregnancy and Post-Partum”

                                    2. “How Is Risk Perceived Amongst Patients?”

2013 Teratology Society/OTIS Meeting

Tucson, Arizona


4/2013                          Research Presentation

“First Trimester Pregnancy Dating By Fetal Heart Rate- A Simple Formula”

                                    American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)


6/2012                          Speaker

“Vitamin D Deficient Populations”

2012 Teratology Society Meeting

Baltimore, MD


6/2012                          Speaker

“Methotrexate in Pregnancy”

2012 Teratology Society Meeting

Baltimore, MD


2/2012                          “Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy”

Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds

Holy Cross Hospital

Silver Spring, MD


10/2010                        “A Review of Obstetrical Ultrasound: A Clinician’s Perspective”

Radiology Grand Rounds

George Washington University Hospital


3/2009                          “PRES and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage in the Setting of Eclampsia”

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

George Washington University Hospital


2/2009                          “The Place and Placement of Cerclage,”

Grand Rounds

Holy Cross Hospital

Silver Spring, MD


4/2008                          “Management of Severe Preeclampsia”

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

Inova Fairfax Hospital





5/2019                          “Bad Words and What Do They Mean- What Is A Teratogen?”

                                    Grand Rounds

                                    Department of Pediatrics

                                    University of South Florida



3/2019                          “Infections in Pregnancy and the Newborn – Advances and Opportunities”

                                    Grand Rounds

                                    Department of Pediatrics

                                    University of South Florida


7/2018                          “Everything You Need to Know About the Cervix’

                                    Ultrasound Quarterly Meeting

                                    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

                                    University of South Florida


8/2015                          “The Risk of a Broken Heart”

                                    Grand Rounds

University of South Florida





2019                             AAMC Leadership Course

                                    Washington, DC


2017                             SMFM Coding Course


2016                             ACOG Coding Course (MFM)


4/2011 and 4/2012         Human Teratogen Course; Dr. Lewis Holmes


3/2011                          ACOG Coding Course (General Ob/Gyn)


2/2011                          Nuchal Translucency Credentialing

                                    Jean Spitz, MPH


2/2012                          Fetal Echocardiography: Basic Screening to Advance Cardiac Imaging

                                    Lynn Simpson, MD and Lami Yao, MD


2/2012                          Developmental Origins of Health and Disease: Convergence of Maternal Health and Fetal Wellbeing from a Genomic and Social Policy Scale

                                    Kjersti Aagard, MD and Maged Constatine, MD


2/2012                          Infectious Disease in Obstetrics

                                    Brenna Anderson, MD and Jeanne Sheffield, MD






Specialty Certification:


Awarded 2015, recertification current 2019

Obstetrics and Gynecology- The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Awarded 2018, recertification current 2019

Maternal-Fetal Medicine - The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology


Professional Licenses:

Awarded 2015               State of Florida Medical Licenses, expires January 2021



Complete list available here

Skills and Interests

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Croatian

Interests include dance (Flamenco), opera, and travel

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